Promotion, Integration, and Innovation to Promote Development of Palliative Care

September 16th, 2021 in International News

Author: Yongyi Chen, Xiangyu Liu, Haixia Xiao, Yang Liu
Institutions: Hunan Cancer Hospital, Palliative Care Committee of Chinese Nursing Association

In order to promote the integration of multidisciplinary cooperation and enhance the innovation of palliative care, National Conference of Palliative Care of China was held on August 27th to August 31st, 2021 online. More than 1,800 delegates and experts from all over the country participated in the conference.

Dr. Patsy Yates, the president of International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) delivered a keynote address titled “The Progress of Global Palliative Care Development”. She emphasized that with the need of palliative care been growing, the demand being increasing, we were facing complex and challenging task to develop palliative care. As a basic human right, palliative care had become a matter of urgency. She introduced clinical guideline recommendations relating to early referral to palliative care and patient centred communication and shared decision making. She also highlighted the critical role of nurses in palliative care that nursing leadership in palliative care is very essential to high quality care.

Dr. Patsy Yates, President, International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC)

Dr. Xinjuan Wu, the chairman of Chinese Nursing Association, congratulated the convening of this conference. She emphasized that Chinese Nursing Association as well as the Palliative Care Committee would continue to work together to promote the academic development of palliative care, which aiming to improve the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual status of terminally ill patients. Her presentation highly inspired the nurses which were expertise at palliative care.

Dr. Xinjuan Wu, Chairman of Chinese Nursing Association

Dr. Yongyi Chen, chairman of the Palliative Care Committee of Chinese Nursing Association, expressed her sincere gratitude to the tremendous support of Chinese Nursing Association, and warmly welcomed all attendants of this conference. She summarized four words to highlight the characteristics of this conference. Firstly, “high”: both policy advocacy and standards interpretation was involved which reflected high standard. Secondly, “diversity”, the exhibition of palliative care training base and the demonstration of excellent cases were of good diversity. Thirdly, “practicability”: not only clinical difficulties, but also the introduction of practical experience was practicability. Fourth, “cutting-edge”, the content was in line with international standards and adapted to Chinese characteristics.

Dr. Yongyi Chen, Chairman of the Palliative Care Committee, Chinese Nursing Association

Nine sections were set in this conference: the development of nursing and palliative care, the humanistic communication of palliative care, the quality improvement of palliative care, the scientific research of palliative care, the training base construction and experience exchange of palliative care, the symptom management of palliative care, the clinical nursing skills of palliative care, the case show of “love in palliative care”, and the video show of cancer pain management in the night of blue ribbon. This high-standard academic feast was a strong engine to launch the professional talents cultivation of palliative care.