Palliative Care Promotion: Embrace the Development of Healthy Aging

November 30th, 2021 in International News

Author: Yongyi Chen, Renli Deng, Yang Liu

Institutions: Hunan Cancer Hospital, Palliative Care Committee of Chinese Nursing Association; Nursing School of ZunYi Medical University; Auckland University of Technology Pacific Health Research Centre

The online education session entitled “Embracing ageing in the Western Pacific: Fostering connections of older Pacific adults and promoting Advance Care Planning for older Chinese People” was held by WHO Collaborating Centre for Community Health Services (WHOCC), School of Nursing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University on November 19th 2021. There were 63 delegates and experts participated in this webinar from Western Pacific countries.

Associate Professor EI-Shadan Tautolo reported a project on how Pacific older people from New Zealand participated in health care and its impact on healthy ageing. The project was conducive to the establishment of partnerships among community stakeholder institutions and co-researchers, as well as how the community could effectively intervene in the health of the elderly.

The presentation of professor Deng mainly focused on the promotion and significance of the advance care planning in China. She emphasized the independent decision-making rights of patients and the importance of family members in decision-making. The realization of ACP requires us to make joint efforts to establish a correct concept of life and death through education and specialist training, vigorously improve public participation and its legalization process to standardize its application in clinical practice.

Professor Yongyi Chen, the Director of the Palliative Care Committee of CNA, was invited by the WHOCC as the Discussant of this webinar. Professor Chen finally reiterated the concept of palliative care and the importance of human health. She pointed out that palliative care was our common mission and the better quality of life was our common goal. She emphasized the necessity of Pacific community elderly as partners in healthy aging and the great significance to promote advance care planning in China. As the discussant, Professor Yongyi held the discussion on topics with respect to the challenges of palliative care for communities in the context of COVID-19, as well as facilitating and hindering factors for advance care planning in China.