My route to cancer nursing

Submitted by Sr Delosi Ewetau: Nurse Unit Manager Cancer Clinic POMGEN.

I am 46years old and from Wagawaga Village, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. I was a Surgical Nurse for 12 years. It was mid-January 2009; I was appointed by my immediate unit supervisor to be a caretaker for the Cancer Day Clinic for 6 weeks, as the 2 nurses in the Cancer Clinic were away. One was on study break and her colleague on Recreation Leave. With very little knowledge about Cancer, and none on Chemotherapy at all, I didn’t object the offer as I wanted to know more about Cancer and Chemotherapy Nursing.

I did my Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Nursing (ICU) in 2011, graduated in April 2012. In June 2019 and did 10weeks attachment in Taiwan in Cancer Nursing. Cancer Nursing, usually I thought was just assisting patient with pain relief, doing dressings and chemotherapy. But cancer nursing includes the holistic approach/care of a patient. I went through Hell, and as years go by, through reading aggressively, self-thought, I gained more self-confidence. I also learnt more by my patients asking more questions and sharing their experience on the fight on cancer, the battles they go through chemotherapy, family issues etc. All these make me to read up more so I can assist them in counseling or in the care I give. I thank all my patients, we lost most, some still fighting and living with cancer for many years now. We also have many new cases every day.

Sr. Delosi Ewetau

Thank God, I am what I am today in my career as an Oncology nurse by experience. I am glad new changes emerged, new Oncology Centre building in progress, Oncology doctors, new recruits of registered nursing (manpower increased). I encouraged my nurses to read more and show interest and to be humble in whatever they do, if they want to be successful in their career as Oncology nurses. Zoom conference with ICCN was a success, a great opportunity for me. I heard lots of the presentations – it was very interesting. I enjoyed the keynote Address 2- “Promoting and Strengthening Nursing Leadership”.

New facility, new beds and comfortable chemo beds, for a better comfort for our cancer patients. Another way forward for us all. Looking forward for the new Cancer Centre to be completed.