Learn from cancer care leaders from around the world

Submitted by SR. Esther Pakau (RN) Radiation Oncology Trainee

Cancer in Papua New Guinea is largely incurable and the best success rate in the treatment of cancer is early detection. Due to challenges in surveillance and the fact that many cancers in PNG go undiagnosed; the exact rates of cancer mortality and morbidity across PNG are unknown. However, several reviews have revealed that cancer is on the rise. The treatment for cancer in PNG includes surgery, Chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Radiation therapy service is not currently available. However, under construction and it will be available by the end of the year. The three main goals of cancer care, as determined by cancer type and stage, are to cure cancer, control cancer, and relieve symptoms caused by cancer.

Sr Esther Pakau

The ICCN conference was introduced to us by Dr. Pauline Rose. It was a unique opportunity to meet with the many cancer nursing leaders from around the world who gave their time, experience, and thoughts on all aspects of cancer care.

As a PNG cancer nurse, it would be an opportunity for me to invite and encourage other nursing officers to join in with cancer care. As many cancer nurses join in cancer care baseline surveys will be carried out in order to better understand the general knowledge of cancer, habits, and behavioral trends within a particular community.