ISNCC Partners with inPractice to Provide a New Point of Care Educational Resource Based on Member Interest

May 13th, 2015 in ISNCC Projects

by Susan L. Beck, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, United States.  ISNCC Knowledge Development and Dissemination Committee Chair, ISNCC Conference Management Committee Member.

The Board of Directors of ISNCC is committed to increasing access to informational and educational resources to our members. The Knowledge Development and Dissemination (KDD) Committee is actively engaged in identifying and sharing high quality resources with our members. In 2014 we were approached by one of ISNCC’s corporate partners about the possibility of making an innovative educational resource available to our members. inPractice® Oncology Nursing is a digital point-of-care reference and educational resource designed specifically for nurses who care for patients with cancer. The program, available by subscription offers:

  • Comprehensive, current oncology nursing practice standards
  • Continually updated evidence-based recommendations from our expert, world-renowned oncology nursing authors
  • 52 clinical modules covering nursing care of the whole patient—physical, psychosocial, and spiritual
  • Apple/Android apps so you can learn on the go
  • More than 80 ANCC contact hours, plus study prep for certification and recertification (US)

In order to make the resource affordable for our broad membership, inPractice® is now being offered at a discounted rate, especially for nurses in low and middle income countries (see below).

An online survey of ISNCC members conducted December 2014 measured member interest in the inPractice Oncology Nursing product, including the value of both content and functionality. 1,027 ISNCC members were invited to take the survey and 299 across 63 countries participated for a response rate of 29.1%. . In general, respondents were well-educated and experienced, which is representative of ISNCC individual members.

Over 90% indicated the resource (inPractice) would be valuable or very valuable. Respondents were very positive about both the content and functional attributes. The ability to receive continuing education units from the US was least favorable but even that feature was values by 57% of the respondents. Respondents felt that all clinical topics surveyed were applicable to their clinical practice with symptom management being endorsed by most.

One said “I feel it may be useful to me and my patients. I will be able to provide better care and the outcome of the care also would be better. I can utilize this to teach my students and colleagues as well.” Not surprisingly, there were some who expressed that even at a reduced rate the resource might be too expensive.

We concluded from the survey that there is strong interest in the oncology nursing online resource (inPractice), with strong purchase intent across both higher and lower resource regions. According to the survey, the US-based nature of the resource was only perceived to have a slight limit on its value to our members. The product is appealing for several uses encompassing: professional development, staff training, clinical reference, and other applications.

We are therefore excited to launch this new resource. As an ISNCC corporate partner, inPractice is pleased to offer ISNCC members special, discounted pricing!  Please click here to log in to your ISNCC member profile to view the discounted subscription rates and how to subscribe.

We look forward to evaluating this resource and hearing from you about how it is being used.

Clinical Care Options ISNCC Survey. December 2014. Data on file.

Clinical Care Options ISNCC Survey. December 2014. Data on file.

Clinical Care Options ISNCC Survey. December 2014. Data on file.

Clinical Care Options ISNCC Survey. December 2014. Data on file.