I Am and I Will: Science Popularization for Better Cancer Care

February 23rd, 2021 in International News

Author: Xiangyu Liu, Yongyi Chen, Xianghua Xu
Institutions: Hunan Cancer Hospital, Palliative Care Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association

February 4 is the 22nd World Cancer Day. In order to spread health knowledge and create the atmosphere of scientific prevention of cancer, Hunan Cancer Hospital has initiated a series of theme events highlighting caring for cancer patients and fighting cancer together.

The channels and forms of this theme popularization of science were diversified which combined in-hospital and out-of-hospital, online and offline together. Online activities included six topics including theme publicity, in-depth interviews, expert popular science posters, expert popular science videos, expert popular science articles, and ten H5 questions regarding anti-cancer rumors. Offline activities include three major contents: cancer prevention popular science brochures, publicity columns, and electronic screen posters. This event has obtained high social attention with the online web browsing over millions.

[Theme publicity] Focusing on cancer whole course management

Dr. Yazhou Xiao, the president of Hunan Cancer Hospital, advocated a whole-course management chain for cancer patients consisting of cancer prevention, early screening, comprehensive treatment, and rehabilitation. He called upon the whole society to make concentrate efforts on caring for cancer patients.

Theme publicity of Dr. Yazhou Xiao

[In-Depth Interview] Dignity in the last journey of life

Hunan Cancer Hospital is the chairman unit of the Palliative Care Committee of the Chinese Nursing Association. In recent years, Hunan Cancer Hospital has included palliative care in the strategic plan and the national regional cancer center construction project. A three-level linkage palliative care service system of hospital-community-home has been built, and a four-in-one palliative care service model of physical-psychological-social-spiritual has been formed. Cancer patients at the end of life are cared for with love, warm, and compassion, so as to realize the good end, good farewell, and good living to end-of-life cancer patients and their families.

In-Depth Interview of Dr. Yongyi Chen

[In-Depth Interview] Psychological healing of cancer patients

The spiritual care of Hunan Cancer Hospital started in 2005. After more than ten years of development, the hospital has set up the formal spiritual care department and psychological clinics which equipped with full-time spiritual care workers. Medical humanity is expressed, understanding and sharing is shared, accompanying and comfort is delivered. Hundreds of patients have obtained mutual strength of support and realized the meaning and value of life. They have actively made changes and growth post traumatic and stressful events.

In-Depth Interview of Dr. Xiaohong Liu

[Expert popular science posters + expert popular science videos + H5] A feast of medical science popularization has been created by experts

Science Popularization of 11 types of tumors including lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumor, lymphoma, cervical cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and thyroid cancer were detailed explicated by 19 experts. Many health education materials on nutrition intake, medication guidance, cancer prevention and rehabilitation, etc were written by cancer nurses for cancer patients and the public.

In the fight against cancer, everyone is not alone, every cancer patient should be treated scientifically, and every healthy person should establish the consciousness of self-conscious cancer prevention and early screening. Hunan Cancer Hospital takes all patients as the center, the cancer science popularization as the fulcrum, the expert team as the support, gives full play to the specialist wisdom, warms up patients in the fight against cancer, advocates the cancer care much closer to patients and the public.