Close the Care Gap: Empowerment, Together, We Better

May 25th, 2022 in International News, Reflection

Institution: Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee

February 4 is the 23rd World Cancer Day. Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee has long been committed to the science popularization of cancer prevention and quality care. In response to this year’s World Cancer Day theme “Close the Care Gap”, the Committee has launched a series of activities highlighting the self-care ability of cancer patients under the theme “Empowerment, Together, We Better”. In order to maximize the benefit to more patients and caregivers, this series of theme activities consisted of one theme lecture and 149 sub-center activities. With a variety of activities in and out of hospitals, online and offline together, this year’s nurse-centered cancer prevention popularization activities obtained high social attention with the online web and App browsing over millions.


Prof. Huiying Qin, the director of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee and the Department of Nursing, Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center organized and made a prologue for the online theme lecture. She emphasized the importance of patient empowerment and advocated empowering patients and caregivers through the dissemination of correct cancer care knowledge and skills, so as to enhance the level of patients and caregivers to integrate medical resources for better self-care. The theme lecture included their top cancer care topics, which were voted by patients and the public on the Committee website. The three topics were “Exercise is the best anti-cancer prescription”, shared by Prof. Wanmin Qiang from Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute & Hospital, which echoed the theme of the 24th Winter Olympics; “Home Care for cancer pain”, explained by Prof. Yuhan Lu from Peking University Cancer Hospital; “Vascular protection in cancer patients with chemotherapy”, elaborated by Prof. Zhenqi Lu from Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center. This theme lecture was broadcast live and played back free of charge on the official website and mobile APP of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, as well as the largest cancer knowledge promotion websites in China.


The 149 sub-centers were distributed in community health service centers and secondary and tertiary hospitals in different cities and provinces. Each sub-center organized its own online and offline science popularization and empowerment activities based on the local cancer epidemic characteristics, and hot pot concerns about cancer prevention from cancer patients and the public. These activities consisted of theme publicity, expert in-depth interviews, community free medical consultations, home visits of cancer survivors, dissemination of cancer prevention brochures, etc. Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee appealed to family members and the public to adopt a healthy lifestyle and give more attention and support to cancer survivors so that we can enjoy a better life altogether.

Cancer is influencing more and more People’s daily life. As the main professionals in the field of cancer care and control, nurses have the power and opportunity to affect the cancer prevention activities and the quality of life of cancer survivors. For the 23rd World Cancer Day, the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association Oncologic Nursing Committee aimed to promote public awareness and access to medical knowledge through empowerment education. We are always on the road to cancer prevention and treatment.