International Conference on Cancer Nursing 2022 – SAVE THE DATE

The ISNCC is excited to announce the International Conference on Cancer Nursing 2022 (ICCN2022) to be held virtually from February 23rd through February 25th, 2022. The conference will include plenaries, instructional sessions, at least one educational workshop, and industry-supported educational sessions. A virtual library of oral and poster abstracts will also be included.

Theme and Objectives

The conference theme is “Building Sustainability & Resilience: Global Perspectives on Cancer Nursing,” with the following objectives:

  1. Define the evolving challenges facing oncology nurses as they provide care across diverse cultures
  2. Examine the emerging evidence demonstrating the impact of cancer nursing on equitable cancer control worldwide
  3. Describe innovative approaches to nursing education, practice, research, and policy
  4. Evaluate the current status, barriers and solutions of the health sector’s impact on the environment
  5. Identify the influence oncology nursing practices have on the global burden of cancer

ICCN2022 Website

The ICCN2022 website,, is currently under development and will be available in early to mid-October. An announcement will be sent once it is available.

Abstract/Instructional Sessions

The abstract submission process will begin in mid-October and remain open for approximately 6 weeks, ending in early December. Oral and poster abstract submissions will be accepted for the virtual library and instructional session abstracts for the virtual conference.

Abstract Categories

  • Administration/Management/Leadership
  • Advanced Practice
  • Education
  • General Practice
  • Health Policy & Advocacy
  • Research

Abstract Topics

  • Cancer across the Lifespan
  • Cancer Continuum
  • Disparities/Equity/Culture
  • Environmental Issues
  • Family & Caregivers
  • Health Care Crises
  • Health Systems/Models of Care/Workforce
  • Innovations in Practice, Education & Technology
  • Palliative Care
  • Professional Issues
  • Psychosocial/QOL
  • Research Issues/ Methods
  • Survivorship
  • Symptom Management

Watch our website for more details as we launch the website and announce the call for abstract submissions!

We look forward to welcoming you to ICCN2022!!

Collaborative Cervical and Breast Cancer Prevention and Screening Train the Trainer Project

December 6th, 2019 in Board in Action, ISNCC Projects

Portuguese Spanish

In 2014 ISNCC in collaboration with the Union for International Cancer Control developed a cervical cancer prevention and screening curriculum to be delivered as a ‘Train the Trainer’ Program across Latin America. Over 100 nurses participated in this initial program and building on this success ISNCC collaborated with the American Cancer Society to develop ‘train the trainer’ modules in breast cancer screening to be delivered in conjunction with the cervical cancer program. The project team developed that 6 core modules on cervical and breast cancer including

  • Prevention and Control Programs
  • Community Mobilization
  • Education and Counselling
  • HPV Vaccination
  • Screening and Treatment of Cervical Pre-Cancer
  • Early detection, screening, and diagnosis of breast cancer
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Invasive Cervical Cancer
  • Palliative Care
  • Leadership and communication skills in early cancer screening programs

The primary goal of the ‘Train the Trainer’ Program is to build capacity in breast and cervical cancer screening amongst nurses, midwives, and community health workers across Latin America and at the time of writing over 1200 nurses from 15 countries across have participated in the program. A total of 428 nurses have completed the train the trainer program delivered by the ISNCC faculty and many were eligible to apply for competitive small grants to deliver the training in their local communities. Grant recipients from Colombia, Mexico and Brazil have successfully delivered the program to 799 nurses across their local communities. A further round of competitive small grants has recently closed and participants will be advised of the outcome in the near future.

The program is flexible and has been adapted through an iterative process following focus groups, desk review, and individual program evaluations to allow a bespoke program to be delivered specific requirements of each country or local community. Faculty have delivered the program in both one and two-day formats and the evaluations have demonstrated the integration of the program into the nurse participants’ practice over the medium term (6 months). Nurse participants have demonstrated in the 6-month evaluation that they provide leadership in their healthcare community through the replication of the program locally and especially in their education of community health workers, women, nurses, and other health care professionals.

The project team continue to work on opportunities to deliver the program to more nurses across the region and the content of each module is being developed into webinars that will be available in both Spanish and Portuguese language on the ISNCC website.

Proyecto colaborativo de Capacitación de capacitadores en prevención y detección de cáncer de cuello uterino y de mama

December 6th, 2019 in Board in Action, ISNCC Projects

Inglés Portugués

En 2014, ISNCC, en colaboración con la Unión Internacional para el Control del Cáncer, desarrolló un plan de estudios de prevención y detección del cáncer de cuello uterino para ser desarrollado como un programa de “Capacitación de capacitadores” en América Latina. Más de 100 enfermeras participaron en este programa inicial y, sobre la base de este éxito, la ISNCC colaboró con la Sociedad Americana del Cáncer para desarrollar módulos de “capacitación para capacitadores” en la detección del cáncer de mama para desarrollar junto con el programa de cáncer de cuello uterino. El equipo del proyecto desarrolló esos 6 módulos centrales sobre cáncer de cuello uterino y de mama, incluyendo:

  • Programas de prevención y control
  • Movilización comunitaria
  • Educación y asesoramiento
  • Vacunación contra el VPH
  • Detección y tratamiento de lesiones precancerosas de cuello uterino.
  • Detección temprana, detección y diagnóstico de cáncer de mama.
  • Diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer de cuello uterino invasivo.
  • Cuidados paliativos
  • Liderazgo y habilidades de comunicación en programas de detección temprana de cáncer.

El objetivo principal del programa “Capacitación de capacitadores” es desarrollar la capacidad en la detección de cáncer de mama y cuello uterino entre enfermeras, parteras y trabajadores de salud comunitaria en América Latina; al momento de escribir, más de 1200 enfermeras de 15 países habían participado en el programa. Un total de 428 enfermeras completaron el programa de capacitación de capacitadores impartido por profesoras de la ISNCC y muchos participantes fueron elegibles para solicitar pequeñas subvenciones competitivas para impartir la capacitación en sus comunidades locales. Los beneficiarios de subvenciones de Colombia, México y Brasil han desarrollado con éxito el programa a 799 enfermeras en sus comunidades locales. Recientemente se ha cerrado una nueva ronda de pequeñas subvenciones competitivas y en un futuro próximo se les informará a los participantes sobre el resultado.

El programa es flexible y se ha adaptado a través de un proceso interactivo después de trabajo con grupos focales, revisiones de literatura y evaluaciones de programas individuales para permitir que el contenido del programa cumpla con los requisitos específicos de cada país o comunidad local. Los docentes han desarrollado el programa en formatos de uno y dos días y las evaluaciones a mediano plazo (6 meses) han demostrado la integración del programa en la práctica de las enfermeras participantes.

Las enfermeras han demostrado en la evaluación de 6 meses que promueven el liderazgo en su comunidad de atención en salud a través de la replicación local del programa y especialmente en la educación de trabajadores de salud comunitarios, mujeres, enfermeras y otros profesionales de la salud.

El equipo del proyecto continúa trabajando en oportunidades para desarrollar el programa a más enfermeras en toda la región y el contenido de cada módulo se está desarrollando en seminarios web que estarán disponibles en español y portugués en el sitio web de ISNCC.

Projeto Colaborativo Capacite o Treinador sobre Prevenção e Rastreamento do Câncer do Colo do Útero e do Câncer de Mama

December 6th, 2019 in Board in Action, ISNCC Projects

Inglês Espanhol

Em 2014 a Sociedade Internacional de Enfermagem Oncológica (ISNCC) em colaboração com a União Internacional para Controle do Câncer (UICC) desenvolveram um currículo sobre prevenção e rastreamento do câncer do colo do útero para ser instituído como o programa “Capacite o Treinador”, na América Latina. Mais de 100 enfermeiras participaram desse programa inicial e, devido ao seu êxito, a ISNCC em parceria com a Sociedade Americana de Cancerologia (ACS) criaram os módulos “Capacite o Treinador” no rastreamento do câncer de mama para ser aplicado em conjunto com o programa do colo do útero. A equipe do projeto desenvolveu seis módulos principais sobre câncer do colo do útero e de mama, incluindo

  • Programas de Prevenção e Controle
  • Mobilização da Comunidade
  • Educação e Aconselhamento
  • Vacinação contra HPV
  • Rastreamento e Tratamento de Lesões Precursoras do Colo do Útero
  • Detecção precoce, rastreamento e diagnóstico de câncer de mama
  • Diagnóstico e Tratamento do Câncer Invasivo do Colo do Útero
  • Cuidado Paliativo
  • Detecção precoce, rastreamento e diagnóstico de câncer de mama

O objetivo principal do Programa “Capacite o Treinador” é capacitar enfermeiras, parteiras e agentes comunitários de saúde no rastreamento do câncer de mama e do colo do útero na América Latina e, até o momento desse registro, mais de 1200 enfermeiras de 15 países participaram do programa. Um total de 428 enfermeiras concluíram o programa ministrado pela equipe integrante do projeto e puderam concorrer a pequenos subsídios para ministrar o treinamento em suas comunidades locais. Aquelas beneficiadas da Colômbia, México e Brasil realizaram com sucesso o programa para 799 enfermeiras. Uma nova rodada de pequenos financiamentos foi fechada recentemente e os participantes serão comunicados do resultado em um futuro próximo.

O programa é flexível e foi adaptado através de um processo interativo após grupos focais, revisão de literatura e avaliações de programas individuais, para permitir um conteúdo sob medida e atender aos requisitos específicos de cada país ou comunidade local. A equipe do projeto fez a capacitação de duas formas (um dia e dois dias de atividades) e as avaliações após seis meses demonstraram a integração do programa na prática clínica das enfermeiras.

As enfermeiras revelaram nessa avaliação que promovem liderança em sua comunidade de saúde por meio da replicação do programa localmente e especialmente na educação de agentes comunitários de saúde, mulheres, enfermeiras e outros profissionais de saúde.

A equipe do projeto continua trabalhando em oportunidades para disponibilizar o programa a mais enfermeiras em toda a região e o conteúdo de cada módulo está sendo desenvolvido em webinars, que estarão disponíveis nos idiomas Espanhol e Português no site da ISNCC.

ISNCC Launches Fundraising Campaign for Travel Scholarships to Attend ICCN 2020

For the first time, ISNCC is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to provide travel scholarships for a limited number of nurses from low- and middle-income countries to attend the International Conference of Cancer Nurses (ICCN 2020) on 29 March – 1 April 2020, at Imperial College in London, UK.

This crowdfunding opportunity allows anyone to make a charitable donation in support of cancer nurses who may not otherwise be able to attend this prestigious international cancer nursing conference. ICCN offers a unique educational venue to gain knowledge about cancer diseases and treatment, symptom management, survivorship, palliative care, and policy issues, to name a few. It also provides an opportunity for nurses to engage with clinical colleagues, nurse educators, researchers and leaders from around the world, often identifying valuable mentors and/or making lifelong friends.

Crowdfunding has become a successful method for raising funds for worthy causes and this is truly an important avenue of support for our global oncology nursing community and the patients we serve. Please take a moment to visit the ISNCC GoFundMe Campaign as follows and help us to exceed our goal of raising $10,000:

Your contribution will have a lasting impact on the care of cancer nurses, patients, and families around the world. Please DONATE NOW and encourage others to support our campaign by sharing this link on Facebook and Twitter (please include hashtags #ISNCCScholarships and #ICCN2020 when posting the link).

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity!

Applications for scholarships will be accepted on the ISNCC website and will be reviewed competitively by the ISNCC Nominations and Awards Committee.

For further questions, please contact the following ISNCC board member:

Scarlott Mueller, MPH, RN, FAAN
Chair, Corporate & Philanthropic Development Committee