Learn from cancer care leaders from around the world

Submitted by SR. Esther Pakau (RN) Radiation Oncology Trainee

Cancer in Papua New Guinea is largely incurable and the best success rate in the treatment of cancer is early detection. Due to challenges in surveillance and the fact that many cancers in PNG go undiagnosed; the exact rates of cancer mortality and morbidity across PNG are unknown. However, several reviews have revealed that cancer is on the rise. The treatment for cancer in PNG includes surgery, Chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Radiation therapy service is not currently available. However, under construction and it will be available by the end of the year. The three main goals of cancer care, as determined by cancer type and stage, are to cure cancer, control cancer, and relieve symptoms caused by cancer.

Sr Esther Pakau

The ICCN conference was introduced to us by Dr. Pauline Rose. It was a unique opportunity to meet with the many cancer nursing leaders from around the world who gave their time, experience, and thoughts on all aspects of cancer care.

As a PNG cancer nurse, it would be an opportunity for me to invite and encourage other nursing officers to join in with cancer care. As many cancer nurses join in cancer care baseline surveys will be carried out in order to better understand the general knowledge of cancer, habits, and behavioral trends within a particular community.

International Conference on Cancer Nursing 2022 – SAVE THE DATE

The ISNCC is excited to announce the International Conference on Cancer Nursing 2022 (ICCN2022) to be held virtually from February 23rd through February 25th, 2022. The conference will include plenaries, instructional sessions, at least one educational workshop, and industry-supported educational sessions. A virtual library of oral and poster abstracts will also be included.

Theme and Objectives

The conference theme is “Building Sustainability & Resilience: Global Perspectives on Cancer Nursing,” with the following objectives:

  1. Define the evolving challenges facing oncology nurses as they provide care across diverse cultures
  2. Examine the emerging evidence demonstrating the impact of cancer nursing on equitable cancer control worldwide
  3. Describe innovative approaches to nursing education, practice, research, and policy
  4. Evaluate the current status, barriers and solutions of the health sector’s impact on the environment
  5. Identify the influence oncology nursing practices have on the global burden of cancer

ICCN2022 Website

The ICCN2022 website, ICCN2022.com, is currently under development and will be available in early to mid-October. An announcement will be sent once it is available.

Abstract/Instructional Sessions

The abstract submission process will begin in mid-October and remain open for approximately 6 weeks, ending in early December. Oral and poster abstract submissions will be accepted for the virtual library and instructional session abstracts for the virtual conference.

Abstract Categories

  • Administration/Management/Leadership
  • Advanced Practice
  • Education
  • General Practice
  • Health Policy & Advocacy
  • Research

Abstract Topics

  • Cancer across the Lifespan
  • Cancer Continuum
  • Disparities/Equity/Culture
  • Environmental Issues
  • Family & Caregivers
  • Health Care Crises
  • Health Systems/Models of Care/Workforce
  • Innovations in Practice, Education & Technology
  • Palliative Care
  • Professional Issues
  • Psychosocial/QOL
  • Research Issues/ Methods
  • Survivorship
  • Symptom Management

Watch our website for more details as we launch the ICCN2022.org website and announce the call for abstract submissions!

We look forward to welcoming you to ICCN2022!!

Countdown to London 2020 – Episode 4 ‘Standardizing Chemotherapy Education: The UKONS SACT Competence Passport’

Mark Foulkes RGN, BSc (Hons), MSc (Nurse Consultant and Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse – Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust)

Welcome to my latest blog in the run up to the ICCN 2020 in London, where I am giving our international guests a flavour of the main issues in UK oncology nursing. 

“In line with many other countries, here in the UK we are experiencing increased demand for the delivery of SACT (Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapies) as the number of agents available becomes larger and more lines of therapy for patients with a cancer diagnosis are possible.”

This puts increasing demand upon our chemotherapy nurses and the skills that they need to utilise to keep patients safe. As a board member of the UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS) one of our proudest and most important achievements has been the development and implementation of thin e UKONS SACT Competence Passport (the Passport). This project has been led by Dr Catherine Oakley, Past President of UKONS and Chemotherapy Nurse Consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’, London and received funding support from the Capital Nurse programme. The Passport is a patient-centered assessment document that ensures SACT clinicians demonstrate knowledge and skills to safely and autonomously administer SACT and care for patients receiving SACT.

Historically there was considerable variation in the way chemotherapy nurses were trained to administer SACT and frequently nurses in the UK had to repeat local training programmes when they changed employer. Since 2017, the Passport has been implemented in SACT-provider healthcare organisations throughout the UK, supported by ‘UKONS Train-the-Trainer’ workshops.

In addition to the Passport, Dr Verna Lavender, UKONS President and Head of Guy’s Cancer Academy, published the UKONS SACT Competence Learning Outcomes Framework (the Framework) with Dr Oakley. The Framework is fully aligned to the Passport and was adopted by the National Health Service (NHS) in England in February 2019, so that on successful completion of the Passport clinicians working in the NHS can be added to the national SACT competence register. This allows SACT competent nurses to move between employers without needing to re-train. If you have registered or plan to register for ICCN 2020, and you wish to know more about teaching and assessment of SACT theory and practice in the UK, you can register to attend the UKONS Pre-Conference Program on 28 March 2020, which is free to ICCN2020 delegates.  This full-day session is entitled ‘Standardising Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy and Acute Oncology’ and will have a focus on the standardization of cancer services including sessions on the UKONS SACT Competence Passport and learning Outcomes Framework. 

If you have registered or plan to register for ICCN 2020, and you wish to know more about teaching and assessment of SACT theory and practice in the UK, you can register to attend the UKONS Pre-Conference Program on 28 March 2020, which is free to ICCN 2020 delegates.  This full-day session is entitled ‘Standardising Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy and Acute Oncology’ and will have a focus on the standardization of cancer services including sessions on the UKONS SACT Competence Passport and learning Outcomes Framework.  For more details, please visit the ICCN website. The UKONS SACT Competence Passport can be accessed here.

The UKONS SACT Competence Learning Outcomes framework accessed via the UKONS Website on the ‘SACT MIG pages’.

Do you need help attending ICCN 2020? Apply for an ISNCC Travel Grant

December 12th, 2019 in ICCN Articles, ICNN Articles

The purpose of the travel grants is to enable nurses from low and middle resource countries to attend the International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN) 2020 from 29 March – 1 April 2020 in London, United Kingdom, and to participate in ISNCC meetings and activities.

The travel grants normally support travel, accommodation and registration for the conference.

Eligibility criteria for applicants:

  • Be a nurse working in cancer care
  • Be from a low or middle resource country (as defined by the World Bank)
  • Be free to travel to the country hosting the conference (London, UK).
  • Be able to acquire the necessary visa for the country hosting the conference
  • Have sufficiently fluent in English to understand the conference proceedings
  • Confirm that you are not receiving funding support to attend another ISNCC sponsored workshop associated with the conference

Requests for a travel scholarship may be made by self-nomination (application) or by nomination by a colleague.

Eligibility criteria for applicants:Nurses who have received an ISNCC travel grant within the previous four years will not be eligible to apply.

Only duly filled application forms will be considered. A letter of support from a national cancer nursing society or where one does not exist, from a national nursing society or a place of employment, is required.

Please e-mail completed application/nomination to the ISNCC Secretariat: petra@isncc.org / info@isncc.org

Deadline for receipt of applications/nominations is January 7, 2020.
Early submissions are encouraged.

Download ISNCC Travel Grants Program 2020

ISNCC Launches Fundraising Campaign for Travel Scholarships to Attend ICCN 2020

For the first time, ISNCC is launching a Crowdfunding Campaign to provide travel scholarships for a limited number of nurses from low- and middle-income countries to attend the International Conference of Cancer Nurses (ICCN 2020) on 29 March – 1 April 2020, at Imperial College in London, UK.

This crowdfunding opportunity allows anyone to make a charitable donation in support of cancer nurses who may not otherwise be able to attend this prestigious international cancer nursing conference. ICCN offers a unique educational venue to gain knowledge about cancer diseases and treatment, symptom management, survivorship, palliative care, and policy issues, to name a few. It also provides an opportunity for nurses to engage with clinical colleagues, nurse educators, researchers and leaders from around the world, often identifying valuable mentors and/or making lifelong friends.

Crowdfunding has become a successful method for raising funds for worthy causes and this is truly an important avenue of support for our global oncology nursing community and the patients we serve. Please take a moment to visit the ISNCC GoFundMe Campaign as follows and help us to exceed our goal of raising $10,000:


Your contribution will have a lasting impact on the care of cancer nurses, patients, and families around the world. Please DONATE NOW and encourage others to support our campaign by sharing this link on Facebook and Twitter (please include hashtags #ISNCCScholarships and #ICCN2020 when posting the link).

Thank you in advance for your kind generosity!

Applications for scholarships will be accepted on the ISNCC website and will be reviewed competitively by the ISNCC Nominations and Awards Committee.

For further questions, please contact the following ISNCC board member:

Scarlott Mueller, MPH, RN, FAAN
Chair, Corporate & Philanthropic Development Committee