Cancer Nursing in Port Moresby General Hospital

Submitted by Sr. Standa Norbert RNO Oncology Trainee Nurse

I’m a Papua New Guinean practicing general nursing at Port Moresby General Hospital. Currently I’m working at the cancer day care clinic. I’m doing chemotherapy administration and mixing plus basic training for radiation oncology as part of my oncology training in Papua New Guinea.As a training nurse for oncology nursing in Papua New Guinea, I observe that cancer care was poor. In which we only assist the patients for Chemotherapy and further side effects and other management is manage by the doctors.

For Palliative Cancer care, we don’t have proper facility to look after the patients, therefore most of the palliative cancer patients used to stay at their home and was taken care by their own family. They only come to the Hospital to get Chemotherapy, surgery or when they are too sick. Some family take good care of the cancer patients while others are rejected by their own family, because of the growing tumors and the odours it produces. Therefore, I see Oncology nursing as a challenging job in my country.

The scholarship about the ICCN was introduced to me by the radiation oncologist in Papua New Guinea. Therefore, I would like to acknowledge Dr Pauline Rose who is currently training the radiation oncology nurses in Papua New Guinea and Suzanne Bishaw who is the Director of Conference Management for the International Society for Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC) for making the ICCN 2022 scholarship successful (2022).

During the ICCN conference these are the topics I enjoyed;

  1. Keynote: climate change and health Impacts, by Nick Watts, Pasty Yates, Suzanne Bishaw,
  2. Industrial symposium; safe to touch-how nursing and Pharmacy can partner on HD surface contamination monitoring by Mikaela Olsen, Patricia Kienie
  3. Instructional session 1. Managing a palliative care population on an inpatient oncology unit by Kathleen Shuey, Lisa Chart, SasilekhaIyothik.
Sr. Standa Nobert

Those above topics got my attention because the presentation shows the way forward and it also differentiate the wrong and the right practice. Furthermore, the ICCN 2022 motivates me to become better and advance my practice to an international standard.

In addition, I would like to encourage my fellow nurses in my country to take up oncology nursing, by doing a lot of practice and networking with other oncology nurses around the globe to promote the standard of cancer care. Moreover, I would like to share my knowledge gained from oncology and ICCN 2022 with other nurses by clinical teaching and Presentation.