Advancing the further Dissemination of ISNCC Position Statements

April 30th, 2019 in ICNN Articles

Author: Yongyi Chen, ISNCC Communications Committee

With the great effort of ISNCC Communications Committee, eight documents of ISNCC Position Statements have been translated from English into Chinese. The ISNCC Cancer Pain Position Statement, ISNCC Palliative Care Position Statement, Models of Palliative Care Position Statement, Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening Position Statement and their PPTs are involved.

The portfolio of ISNCC Communications Committee, Dr. Yongyi Chen led the translation work. Dr. Winnie So who is the Committee member was in charge of the proofreading work. This has lasted for nearly five months from November 2018 to March 2019.

It is of vital significance that the translated version of Position Statements could bridge the information gap for cancer nurses worldwide to get access to ISNCC key resources. The distribution of position statements could enhance internal and external communication of ISNCC in the endeavor reducing the global cancer burden. The next steps are to add those Position Statements through ISNCC website, as well as issue in Chinese’s nursing conferences. It is expected that they will be presented in Chinese nursing journals in the near future.