Forging the Academic Power of Oncology Nursing Exceed Professional Dream

March 16th, 2017 in Conference Features

Authors: Yong-yi Chen

Affiliations: International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care

The 2nd National academic conference on oncology nursing & 2017 international forum on cancer care was held in Fuzhou city of China from March 9-12, 2017. The conference theme was ‘Forging the Academic Power of Oncology Nursing Exceed Professional Dream’. Approximately 600 participants actively involved in this academic event.

Dr. Patsy Yates, the President Elect of ISNCC, was invited as the plenary speaker. She highlighted her presentation on the recent advances in oncology: the implications for nurses. By literature review, the implications were focus on four parts which are as follows.

  1. Treat cancer as chronic disease.
  2. The support for the comorbidity diseases and frail patients.
  3. Provide personalized symptom management.
  4. Share the experience of coordination nursing.

Dr. Patsy shared her views by illustrating the different of age-related symptom clusters, self-management of CINV, trends of personalized nursing, strategies of realizing coordination nursing, etc. on. She stressed the importance of comprehensive assessment and supportive care for cancer patients. The comorbidity diseases, as well as frail patients such as geriatric cancer patients should been paid more attention to.

The speech of Dr. Patsy really provided beneficial guidance for clinical practice, helped us to identify the areas for improvement of our daily work, offered direction for further cancer nursing research.

In order to enhance ISNCC’s communications with cancer nurses in China and promote the image of ISNCC. I prepared a exhibition board of ISNCC at the entrance of conference venue. The aim is to encourage more delegates to pay attention to our society, log on our official website to obtain progress, information and resources of ISNCC. I believe based on unremitting efforts, mutual recognition and effective communications, the influence of ISNCC will be further expanded in China. More cancer nurses in China will share their knowledge and experience by the online platform of ISNCC, such as blog. They will be more involved in the strategies to reduce the global burden of cancer and strive for the better care to cancer patients.

Dr. Patsy Yates at the conference

Exhibition board of ISNCC

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